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Hi, and welcome to my talk page.

I am Dirk Beetstra, my main projects are en:User:Beetstra and m:User:Beetstra

My main edits here will concern editors performing the same edits on more than one wikipedia. Some general texts about such edits:

meta external links policy

matrix of local policies and pages

If you want to contact me quickly, leave a message here on en or here on meta!

My edits here

My edits here will mainly be due to removal of unwanted external links and vandalism. Generally the edits have been performed on a (large) number of wikipedia, and the edits were very similar in nature.

Terms I use in my edit summaries:

  • 'cross-wiki spam' or 'xwiki spam' -> a user has been adding the link(s) I am removing/reverting to a large number of wikipedia. The link may already be blacklisted on meta (see m:Talk:Spam blacklist).

For more information, see my meta userpage: m:User:Beetstra.

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